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The "Other Side" of what?

The album process was a lengthy one. Some of the songs were written 25 years ago, and re-written, and refined many times. A few of the songs just flew off the fingertips and were the exact words, message, meaning and tune to get the next step in the quest for redemption across musically. The last song lyrics written for REDEMPTION were for "The Other Side." The outline was there, but the fine print was difficult to achieve. My wife and I struggled with conveying the right message. The "sides" are not life vs. death, living vs. surrendering, the other side is not heaven. The other side is about finding that redemption and mercy, forgiving yourself, and living your life in the here-and-now, in a positive way. Being grateful. Being a friend.

Redemption is not a new concept, but everyone's life presents different forks in the road, meandering paths, myriad choices and many reasons to desire redemption. At the end of the day, don't be so hard on yourself. Believe in grace. You are in there somewhere, claw to the top, and live your life on the other side.

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