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(remote) control

It's with great angst I begin this blog post. I hate TV remote controls. Trivial, maybe? There are too many buttons, the buttons are too small, you can't seem to find the right one in the dark, there is a different remote control for each TV, I can't remember how each one works, my blood pressure soars to the point where most nights the remote is tossed across the room. Often lost for days.

My wife to the rescue: I guess there is a thing called a universal remote. One size fits all. Cool. But all it had was more buttons. What do these buttons do anyway? Why are there so many? Why can't I ever find the exact one I need when I need it? How is it that I am always pushing the wrong one?

Why can't life just be simple. Can you relate?

There are so many things in our life that add anxiety, social media for one: am I fitting in, do I look good, do I have as many friends as other people....

work pressures: this project is over budget, it is taking too much time, my family is suffering... political strife: why is everyone always so angry at each other, why can't grown adults just work it out and make decisions for the good of citizens, and not the gains of political parties...

relationship issues... you get the idea.

Where do we turn?

Back to my remote control ordeal. We recently switched TV streaming applications to gain a few channels. Once the TVs were updated to this new platform, the issues over my remote control went away. No kidding. This new platform uses only four touches to maneuver. Life in the dark simplified. Stress levels reduced. No more searching under the bed for the remote control.

Turns out making an adjustment for one reason, solved the problem of another. Surprise!

What If... shifting our perspective opened our eyes wider?

What If... changing how we work actually produced more personal time?

What If... serving others created more awareness and compassion?

Here's a mind blowing concept:

What If... we switched our control to remote? Lean on the Words whispered from a higher power for guidance, strength and solace. Its a brave step, I know, but if your remote control to life has too many buttons, try switching your control to remote, the adjustment just might surprise you.

Have a Blessed Easter friends!


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