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A Genius Move

Inspiration comes in many forms: walking in nature, listening to a podcast, working out, being immersed in music, or maybe even attending a sermon or lecture. Maybe none of these things provides inspiration to you, but what does? Think about it. How do you re-energize, or change course, learn, discover a new perspective, begin something awesome, believe in yourself, or believe in your neighbor?

Do you seek inspiration, or do you wait to be inspired?

If you wait to be inspired, it just might have to have a little serendipity built into the event, you know, like magically happen. This is cool, but it is a little "hit or miss" in my opinion. You might find yourself in the same-old/ same-old type of scenario more than you'd appreciate.

If you seek to be inspired, you actively attend or participate in whatever it is that has proven to make your mind whir with new, rejuvenated thoughts and ideas. A motivational drive that excites you. The means to more "revelations" on life. A river of creativity. A constant effort for good, better, best (fill in the blank).... best version of yourself... best friend... best student.... you get the idea. Self-improvement isn't necessarily the point, but betterment of who you are in the world, or how you might change the world, just might be.

WHAT IF you tried to intentionally inspire?

WHAT IF you tried whole-heartedly to be a positive inspiration to others. A verb. An action. An effort. Be a role-model. Lead by example. Walk the talk. Not only live by the golden rule, but be the golden rule and love your neighbor as yourself.

By being intentional with your encouragement, your enthusiasm, your positivity, you would reach both the audience who is WAITING to be inspired, as well as those who are SEEKING to be inspired. And that folks, is how that tiny rock of goodness can snowball down the hill to make a major difference in the world.

Being a positive inspiration to others = A genius move. Go for it!

May we all enjoy a safe and fun summer 2023! Catch me at any outdoor music festival where Kings of Radio will be playing. Along with all the best 80's rock, we do play some Raised By Fred and Alice original music. Check out the schedule on the FB page. ROCK ON!

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