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Raised By Fred and Alice is a rock band.

For me "Fred and Alice" is literally the influence of both Fred Rogers, of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, and famous shock rocker Alice Cooper.  For you it might be your parents, a friend, pastor or coach. But ultimately we are shaped by these message we allow to influence us.  

Raised By Fred and Alice the band, and "REDEMPTION" the album are both a concept and story.  The story has been written over decades and continues to be written in real-time on this site.  It is a reflective journey on seeking the positive,  forgiveness, love, redemption and the ability to create change. To be a positive influence for others. 


MonsterDog Studios, LLC,  is a music, media, consulting and marketing platform owned by Shane and Sheila Loy. Our goal is to help get out, what is inside. For more information on these services please contact us at

Thank you!

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