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Taking the Stage

Remember when you learned to ride your bike? It was so hard at first, figuring out the balance and the footing (and the braking!); then once you "got it" you could ride forever. You only have to learn how to ride a bike once in your life. People often use the phrase, "its like riding a bike" relating to something you haven't done for a long time, but are planning to do it again.... it will just come back to you. Simple.

Not so fast! Its been almost five years!

After being professional musician for over 25 years, taking the stage 40+ times a year, you'd think being back under the lights would be like riding a bike. And it is. But it isn't. There are parts of the prep I have loved beyond belief: getting my fingers back, practicing with great musician friends, digging out my old rock gear, but I am older, have aches and pains :) and am usually in bed by time the show begins! Yet there is an undercurrent that drives me because being an entertainer, playing music for fans, friends and acquaintances offers the opportunity to share a message of positivity, fun and even joy. If we could all make our influence a positive one, the world would be in a better place.... and THAT is something I hope we can all learn to do without thinking. Just like riding a bike.

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