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Taking it to the Streets

It's one thing to write your own songs. It's another to take them to the streets for all to hear.

Sometimes my songs are filled with angst, you are just having that type of day or week. Frustration and anger fill your mind. Why can't things just go the right way? Everyone has times like these. You feel down about everything, and it really doesn't feel good or right, but you just can't help it.

Sometimes my songs are filled with vulnerability. You just can't get your arms around your emotions. You are so grateful for so many blessings: family, friends, education, job and they come out in songs that show your inner heart. Words and music kind of tumble out of your fingertips, usually on to a cocktail napkin.

Sometimes songs are just written for fun, and they are filled with whimsy (stole this great word from a book called Love Does by Bob Goff - check it out!). Whimsy is dreaming, pondering things larger than life, laughing at yourself or a situation. Just wondering What If.

Sometimes songs are really rockin, a result of a jam session with friends. These can be over the top fantastic, or complete dogs. But they are sure a good time! A loud, late-night, laugh-filled good time. The height of group creativity can produce incredible awesomeness. At least to us!

So the song writing part is usually cool.

It's the "now what" moments that come next which are pretty damn hard.

That feeling of second guessing. My wife tells me I am an over-thinker, that I should just trust 40 years in the biz, but it can be hard to do that. Do I want to share my new songs? Open my inner heart to the world? Will anyone like them? Will they get it? Might one storm the charts? (Dreams can come true).

Then I remember: Something, or someone, inspired thought, notes, melody and arrangement to produce that original song. If I was inspired, why not others? This is the point in the journey where I sprinkle in a nice 'heaping helping' of courage to pick up the phone, find a producer and get the songs mastered. (Thank you F5 Soundhouse). MonsterDog Studios. LLC, helps me formulate my message and distribute the music.

It's one thing to write your own songs. It's another to take them to the streets for all to hear.

This story ends with it all being worth the risk.

Remember to search for my first album REDEMPTION on your favorite streaming platforms.

It was my first gamble and my great reward.

Thanks for following RAISEDBYFREDANDALICE.

I appreciate you all!

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