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Making "L"ove

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Making Love:

Is there anything sweeter, sexier, hotter or romantic than making love with the one you love?

Actually, don't answer that! But now that I have your attention, let me back up and re-frame this blog post. I was in San Francisco recently and spent a good deal of time in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood. Most of you 'of a certain age' will know exactly what I am referencing, for others, it is literally the corner of those two intersecting streets. But it is not just ‘any street corner’, it was the birthplace of hippie, psychedelic, rock'n'roll music where protests, marches, songs and actions promoted free-love.

It was 1967.

It was an era that told us to make love, not war.

It was called The Summer of Love.

It got me thinking.

What is it about love that is so enduring, yet so perpetual? It is the classic topic in centuries old hymns, in country, pop and of course rock music. Even if love isn't a positive experience (ahem Love or Money), the song lyrics still revolve around love in some way. Think about your favorite songs, are they about that ageless topic? I would guess yes.

In those favorite songs, love morphs into a relationship of some sort. There are many stages of a relationship that fill a life. Lust, Love, Lose, Lost, Loveless, Longing ---> Lust, Love, Lose --->

Like me, have you ever felt like you were on a wash/rinse/repeat cycle?

Oh. So. Many. Times.

No wonder we never run out of song lyrics.

That “L” word chases us around in life.

For those of you who have have found love, don’t take it for granted, work at it like a muscle and keep it strong. Be a positive influence.

For those of you who found love and lost it, even if it hurt, try again, it's worth it.

For those of you who continue to look for love, it’s out there, have faith, your time will come. Keep chasing! Don't forget to love yourself in the process!

So then, was it just a Summer of Love?

Or was it a profound statement that was finally shouted out loud, instead of whispered?

Love is a cycle. Love has seasons. Love is timeless.

This notion is the premise of my new EP, not coincidently, called "L"

Please watch for L to drop on March 31, 2023. Circle that calendar date for me. Download the new Raised By Fred and Alice album from any of your favorite streaming platforms. Reach out on Facebook and tell me what you think. Most importantly, know how much I appreciate your support. Thank you in advance.

Peace Out,


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