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This past weekend, at an outdoor venue, our band opened and encored for a National act. We played to thousands of engaged fans for hours. It was an outstanding night! We were looking forward to a similar evening the next night when at the last minute we were canceled due to inclement weather. The silver lining? The band, a couple wives and a few friends all decided to head to a local establishment for pizza and drinks. We never get to do this. We grind at practices, we sweat on set-up and sound check, we strategize on musical projects, we talk band, but rarely do we just get to be ourselves and be together. It was awesome. We spent time getting to know each other better. We laughed until it hurt. Then we laughed some more. (I might still be laughing!)

Driving home, my wife asked me if I was disappointed not to play the Saturday night gig. Hell no! What resulted in its place was incredible and worth more to me than any spotlight or paycheck. Don't get me wrong, music is very important to me. It drives me. It inspires me. It heals me. But investing in positive relationships is worth its weight in gold.

Building relationships with my fanbase is just as important.

I always hope my music resonates. Every now and again I get a glimmer that it does just that. There was a post recently, a friend was, in his words "in a mood" but then put on REDEMPTION by Raised By Fred and Alice :) listened to the songs and mentioned how much the music helped. I hope he could laugh again. I am grateful for honesty and posts from fans who share their experiences with my music. When even one person hears the positivity I was trying to convey in a hard rock album - my music, my lyrics - it's enough.

There's very little laughter in the world right now. There is plenty of anger. There are a lot of cowards hiding behind false identities spewing hate on social media. Turn that noise down.

Turn the music up! Louder! We all need inspiration to rise above.

Prioritize your positive relationships.

Seek redemption that is freely offered.

Light a path on love.

Laugh your ass off with your friends!

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