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Have you ever wondered why...

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

...a person gravitates towards one persona over another, or one message over another? We can be in a room of people (who are all wearing masks and practicing social distancing, of course) with two different speakers on the stage. I connect with speaker A, my friend can't recall those comments, but can reiterate speaker B word-for-word. Why is that? The influences that shape our view, perspective, our way of thinking have always intrigued me. When does this happen? Why is one thing more important, or memorable than another? Are we born a Democrat or Republican, or are we shaped to the sympathies of one party over the other? And by whom? And when? When are we open to being influenced? Is it a conscious act?

In today's decisively decisive world our outside influences have shaped us and continue to emphasize that course over time. But it appears to me that the trench you are in, you are in deep and if you are in deep you become closed off to outside influences that differ from your own. So I wonder if there is there a timeline for getting the chance to influence? To develop new or different sympathies? If our politicians ever get to the root of this - Lord help us all!

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1 Comment

Harold Osborn
Harold Osborn
Dec 28, 2020

Wow Shane!! Very impressive. I'm trying to figure out how too listen - but I have not doubt it will be incredible! I believe you son is still in Wausau - would love to visit with you sometime after we get the pandemic under control!!

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