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Happy Hearts

Just the other day, I made a comment prior to the start of the service. Never mind that it was a little inappropriate and had my shocked wife in tears of laughter ( the kind that's hard to stop because you are laughing in a place you shouldn't be, about something you shouldn't be). I tell you this only to set the stage. Because of this mood, I tried extra hard to concentrate on what was being said during the message. I was glad I did. We had a vulnerable, honest, relatable, funny speaker deliver story after story about life, and growing up, and being shaped and influenced. (Unfortunately, you just have me). Although his voice was little more than a whisper, my mind heard the resonating point with a roar. I matter. I am deserving. I am important. I am forgiven.

I am not as bad as I think I am. And neither are you.

I challenge you to grab a post-it note and write this down: I MATTER. Put it near your car keys, or on your fridge, or by your computer screen. You are important. You are deserving. You matter.

Happy Valentines Day friends, have a happy heart and pass it on! Share a laugh today!

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