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Conversation + Contemplation

Recently we purchased a turn-table. We talked about it for quite awhile, and finally took the plunge. Mind you my $500 record player turned into a many more dollar room make over. I guess we needed just the right "vibe" to listen to records. (Please tell me this happens to you too). Actually the room turned out terrific and we are enjoying the space.

Why vinyl ? Again. We had lots of LPs and 45s as kids and teenagers, and were thrilled to move on to 8-Track (yes I lived it) and cassettes. Today's music on CDs and digital streaming platforms provide perfect sound, re-mastered classics and continuous play. So why go back in time?

Well for one thing, we own and operate MonsterDog Studios, LLC, a recording studio, so it just seemed weird not to have a turn-table. But mostly because we missed listening to an entire album. A lost art. The crackle of vinyl that brings you back to your youth.

So, my wife and I went on a quest to find albums that we had owned, or that were in our homes growing up. The ones you find in milk crates inside a vintage store. We have a small collection already: Journey, Deep Purple, Shaun Cassidy (with poster), Kansas, Barry Manilow, Blackfoot, Cat Stevens, Uriah Heep, Peter Frampton, Anne Murray, and my prized possession: Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies. I will let you guess which LPs were in whose homes :)

I am proud to say we have listened to every record from start to finish, side A and side B. Our noses are not in mobile devices, we are not mindlessly binge-watching Netflix, bonus! we are getting more steps in by hopping up to change sides. We are listening, singing, dancing, reminiscing, laughing and yes, even crying at the songs, and the memories. Music is such a blessing. Such a journey. Artists work hard to create a cohesive collection of songs in making an album, reward yourself with the conversation or the contemplation sparked from listening.

You don't have to invest in a turn-table or vinyl. I would simply challenge you to turn off the TV, open your favorite streaming app and search an album. ( If you need a suggestion I might recommend REDEMPTION by one of your favorite groups RBFA). Sit alone or with friends, enjoy a beverage, put your feet up, dim the lights and listen from start to finish. Ponder the music, the lyrics, the meanings or the meaninglessness of a fun tune. It will make your heart happy.

Consider it your new bad habit.

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